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Colorado Waterfowl
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Colorado WaterFowl
"Your Ultimate Online Waterfowl Hunting Source"

    ColoradoWaterfowl.com was created by avid outdoorsmen to provide information to other outdoorsmen and women. The information we intend to provide is our reviews of products, outfitters, tips and tricks, public hunting areas, along with a host of other information. We believe by providing this information we can influence your experience and success in the field, along with providing valuable information back to manufactures about their field tested products.

    Manufactures will have our staff and participants of ColoradoWaterfowl.com participate in field tests of their products. In return we will provide the manufactures with the full reviews of the products tested. Manufactures with products that pass our field test will be provided also with our official seal of approval. This lets viewers of our site know that they can buy this product with confidence.

    We will be reviewing outfitters and guides to give you that honest third party experience. We will be reviewing a diverse mix from waterfowl, fishing and big game. This can be very helpful for the out of state enthusiast looking for that quality experience along with the local enthusiast looking to gain knowledge from a professional.

    Staff members and participants will pass along tips and tricks they use in the field to get the job done. They will also share information on public land hunting across the United States.

    We hope you enjoy our site and benefit from the information. Be safe in the field and pass on our heritage to the youth of America.

...much more to come
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