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Acrylic Call Shoot-Out

First off we would like to thank the manufactures that participated in this Colorado Waterfowl.com shoot-out. If you are not familiar with our website or shoot-out's let us first give you some background information on who we are and what we do.

We are a group of sportsmen and women just like you. We started this site to equip you with valuable information for making product purchases no matter how small or large. We solicit the manufacture for products to field test and compare against each other in what we call shoot-outs. The benefit to the manufacture is valuable feedback to improve their products or find the market niche for their products. We in turn provide this information to our fellow sportsmen and women to make informed buying decisions, now for the results of the shoot-out.

This shoot-out was to compare acrylic short reed goose calls. Let me tell everyone of these calls will kill geese any day of the week. The competition was very tough and lasted for 5 hours. We had a total of seven callers rating the calls in four categories on a scale of 1-10, 1=poor and 10=perfection. Here are the categories and following will be the manufactures calls with our comments and scores

  • Aesthetics - the way the call looks
  • Tone Quality - were the tones consistent, crisp and goosey
  • Versatility - how did the call respond to different call sequences
  • Air Rate - how much air does the call take to blow

  • Double G Game Calls - "Adrenaline Rush"
    Shoot-Out Winner Double G - Adrenaline Rush
  • Aesthetics - 9.29
  • Tone Quality - 9.00
  • Versatility - 8.57
  • Air Rate - 7.00

  • Caller Comments: Nice call beginner to advanced; Great call don't change a thing; Good call second to the Gaston in my mind.

    The "Adrenaline Rush" received the highest overall score in the Shoot-Out. This call is a great call for anyone starting off all the way to a competition caller. The call takes little air to blow and is extremely fast when it is needed. You can hit any note your heart desires from the low gander moans to the high lesser clucks. This call comes highly recommended from all callers that participated. You can bet you will hear more about Double G in the future on this site. If you wish to find out more on the Double G calls you can contact them by Email.

    Webfoot Custom Calls - "WCGS" Webfoot Custom Calls - WCGS
  • Aesthetics - 5.29
  • Tone Quality - 5.43
  • Versatility - 5.14
  • Air Rate - 5.14

  • Caller Comments: Not a bad call the inlet could be bigger; Not as comfortable as the other calls; Doesn't respond well to aggressive calling

    The WCGS call pictured in the review is not the call we used, I elected to use this picture to show the workmanship and quality looks of the call. The call used in the shoot-out had a wooden barrel that took away from the great looks and possibly the sound quality of the call. This would make a great call for youngsters or ladies as the barrel inlet outer diameter is small and requires little to no voice note to create those goosey notes. Be sure to take a look at the Webfoot Custom Calls Website to see thier full product offerings.

    Gander Valley Custom Calls Gander Valley Custom Calls
  • Aesthetics - 8.00
  • Tone Quality - 7.71
  • Versatility - 8.00
  • Air Rate - 6.29

  • Caller Comments: Great looking call; nice call for the novice and versatile; hard to keep a consistent notes

    The Gander Valley call is an eye appealing call with great range. The call was easy to blow and control. You could get the full spectrum of notes ranges with little effort. This call will please any hunter that is lucky enough to get their hands on one. A side note about this call maker, Mark invests countless hours as a mentor to our hunting youth. The staff here at ColoradoWaterfowl.com applauds Mark for his dedication. Be sure to take a look at Gander Valley Custom Calls webpage.

    Wingtipsdown Wingtipsdown - Acrylic
  • Aesthetics - 6.29
  • Tone Quality - 5.86
  • Versatility - 6.00
  • Air Rate - 6.57

  • Caller Comments: Great looking call the exhaust tube could be longer; Interesting finish on the call; Different guts from any other call

    Wingtipsdown is a new entry in to the call market. The call we received for this shoot-out was literally hot off the lathe. This call has sound chambers right on the tone board. The call has a soft sound, great for finishing those wary birds. The call hit every note we put to it and responded to faster aggressive calling. The call barrel is a little shorter than the other calls lending it self to someone with smaller hands. On a side note Tony let me know that every year he plans on having a different color and finish for the calls. This is going to make a great addition for you call collectors. We are continuing to test with this call since it is a new release to the market and plan to have additional articles about this call in the future. Be sure to take a look at Wingtipsdown website.

    Greg Keats Custom Calls - "Shaman" Greg Keats - Shaman
  • Aesthetics - 8.14
  • Tone Quality - 7.29
  • Versatility - 7.43
  • Air Rate - 6.29

  • Caller Comments: Nice call a little raspy; Nice call was able to do a simple routine; Takes a lot of air

    The "Shaman" is a nice deep call that takes little to no voice note for the goosey tones. The call is very responsive to calling sequences fast or slow. The call is beefy and fits well with medium to large hands. The call is built differently from the other calls with a inner o-ring set-up for a perfect fit. Greg is renowned for his call making and it show in this call. Be sure to take a look at his website as I am sure you will be blown away by the craftsmanship of his calls and they sound good to. Greg Keats Custom Calls Website

    Gaston Custom Calls - "G-Factor" Gaston Custom Calls - G-Factor
  • Aesthetics - 8.00
  • Tone Quality - 7.00
  • Versatility - 7.43
  • Air Rate - 7.00

  • Caller Comments: Nice looking and good sounding call, a little high; Nice fits me well and easy to get the sounds I want; Super nice, great range and perfect for anyone

    The Gaston call was a favorite among a few of us and for good reason. It was easy to blow and you could run any sequence of calling you could think of. The call responded well to aggressive and hard calling by getting ear piercing loud. The call in the shoot-out was a higher pitch great for the lesser. Bottom line this would be a good call for anyone in any situation. Be sure to take a look at thier website Gaston Custom Calls.

    ...much more to come
    The Pup Jake

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