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    ColoradoWaterfowl.com is one of the fastest growing waterfowl communities on the internet. We show our advertisers over 500,000 times to more than 12,000 visitors per month.

    We have been online for four years and have experienced a boom in growth over that time period. Nearly 95% of all visitors to our site are hunters and fishermen. Now isn't that who you want to advertise to?

    Banner Advertising

    Each banner that participates in this program is set up on an equal basis. In other words, no banner has priority over another banner. Each banner is viewed the same percentage. Banners are being exposed over 2500 times per day to waterfowl hunters.

    The cost of this advertising program is only $240.00 per year. While we can't guarantee you 1000's of visitors to your site, we can however guarantee you great exposure that is reasonably priced. Your banner will be shown in our member forum area and throughout the majority of the website. To view a list of our current sponsors click HERE.

    Banners should be 468x60 pixel size, file formats in either, .jpg or .gif and no larger than 45K. If you need a banner created we have web designers ready to go. The web banner will meet your approval before going on line and is your own unique content so it can be used at other internet sites. If interested in this program or should you have questions, please contact us HERE.

    Featured Page

    We will build an information page for your Company, Website or Product the will be listed in the "Featured" section of our website. The page will include your a detailed description of your offering along with pictures and links to your website or email address. The cost is only $20.00 per month for over 12,000 potential customers to see your product. The Feature will run for an entire month then your page or product will be archived where consumers can still access your feature. To view an example please click HERE. If interested in this program or to check monthly availability please contact us HERE.

    Forum Text Link Page

    This is the newest feature to our advertising products. This will be our simplest form of advertising and possibly most effective as it is only a bold text link of your choosing. The text will appear in the header section of the member's forum and will be exclusive to one company for the month or the negotiated amount of months. Don't miss out on this at a bargain price of $120.00 and exclusivity for a full year. If you are interested in this program or have additional questions please contact us HERE.

  • Banner Ad - $240.00 annually
  • Featured Page - $20.00 monthly
  • Forum Text Link - $120.00 annually

...much more to come
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