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Derlin Short Reed Shoot-Out

We decided it was time to pit some of these manufactures up against each other in what we are calling a Shoot-Out. In this one we are using different manufactures Derlin short reed goose calls as the study. Insert disclaimer here…. Not every single manufacture that makes a Derlin short reed is represented. We apologize if we missed you favorite. Let your manufacture know we are doing these Shoot-Out's often and this is a 3rd party unbiased view of their products. Any call manufacture that has confidence in their calls has no problem sending them to use to test. Enough ranting, on to the materials.

First off lets talk about the different types of material used to make goose calls.

Wood - Typically a mellow deep tone is produced, starting around $20.00

Plastic - Typically a high hollow sound, very loud, starting around $10.00

Derlin - Typically a sharp solid sound, good volume, super durable, starting around $50.00

Acrylic - The king of call materials. Very crisp sounds great volume, starting around $95.00

From all these materials we picked Derlin to start off with for our Shoot-out's. Derlin has been gaining in popularity due to the sound it produces as compared to the price. Anyone who has ever blown an acrylic call knows how the hair on the back of your neck stands up because of the crisp natural sounds it makes. Well Derlin will do the same at half the price. What we are looking for in this Shoot-Out? A great sounding call, easy to blow, easy to clean and tune call. Sounds like a tall order to fill, let's take a look at how they did. First up in our Shoot-out is:

Heartland Custom Calls Heartland Custom Calls - The Heartland Delrin goose call has great volume but also gives you the ability to throw in the deep mellow tones. The best feature of this call is the screw together design, which is huge benefit for some of us. I would like to see a little thicker wall design, but for the price who is complaining, not me! Coming in at a mere $49.95.

Winglock Calls Winglock Calls - The Winglock Derlin is another outstanding goose call for the price at $59.95. Great sounds, easy to clean and tune, I have to say this will be on my lanyard. Why? Simple, deeper tones and a quality call.

GK Calls GK Calls - The Giant Slayer was introduced to their line in 2003. The GS is a good call designed with a deep mellow tone and be easy to blow with a full vocal range. The one draw back we found was pricewas price. Priced at $79.95 it could put them out of the market with the same quality coming at a lesser price.

Central Flyway Game Calls Central Flyway Game Calls - When you pick up this call you feel quality. Thick walls produce very clean sounds, it fits great in your hands. It is a breeze to tune and get the tones you want, an overall exceptional call that is reasonably priced around $55.00. You will definitely find this on my lanyard.

Now we know there are other call manufactures making Derlin calls. We just wanted to pit a few against each other to see the differences. Overall the competition was tight but we would have to say the Central Flyway Derlin squeaked it out over the others. Why you ask? Lets just say you get a durable call that will compete with any Acrylic out for ½ the price.

We hope you enjoyed our information and will point your favorite maufacture to us for the next call Shoot-Out. Up next will be the Acrylic calls and hopefully we can save you some time and heartache when trying to find your dream call.

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