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Field Staff Articles

    Given it to um...by Chris Jones
    As the season progresses we all hit our slump and what we are doing just isn't working. Seems like everything you try to do the birds just don't respond. These are the birds that are super stale, decoy shy, and call shy. They have been decoyed and shot at for the last 4 months. Here are a few mid to late season tips I use to help get those tough birds into the decoys. Continued.....

    First Hunt by Rodney Rexwinkle

    It all started one day with a question. "Dad will I ever get to hunt with you when I get older?" coming from the mouth of my then 6 year old son. It caught me off guard to say the least, I guess at the time I never considered my son as a hunting partner due to his young age. But since he was potty trained and I felt I could always use another person to talk to in the blind what did I have to loose? The next weekend I loaded up the truck with my hunting stuff the night before and made sure I grabbed the car seat for my son to so he could go with "Dad" out hunting.

    Hunting Private on Public by Don Jacobs
    The unmistakable sound of feathers slicing through the air, quacks and whistles indicated ducks were in the air. Once shooting time arrived the invisible flyers responsible for all the racket would be revealed hovering over decoys that were set on public land. That is right I said public land!

    Learning to "Read" by Chris Jones

    In my last column..."Real Field Calling" I talked about some basic tips to get a flock to finish into your decoys. As much as we would all like to have it work that way every time, it simply doesn't happen. In this column I will go more in depth about the reading of birds along with some techniques I use to help finish more flocks into my spread.

    Real "Field" calling by Chris Jones
    I have hunted with a lot of different guys over the years. With every person, there is a difference in the way things are done. So I will start this column by saying, this is what works for me...what works for you might be different. In this series I will go thru some ideas that work for me and try to help put more birds in your bag. Continued.....

    Dove Hunting by Berry Gay
    Dove hunting the start of a new season. The introduction of a lot of new waterfowl hunters. As September nears we always try and guess has the rain pushed them out. Is this going to be the year we see the "Gauntlet" reborn. If not can we find em' in the trees? Bottom line a new season is upon us!!! Continued.....

    Speak Softly and Carry Few Decoys by Don Jacobs

    Over the last several years goose-hunting tactics have went through some change. Now you have to have 10 dozen full body decoys not 2 dozen shells. You need to get motion into your decoy spread. You have to learn to blow a short reed and double cluck. What happens when the geese no longer respond to this, matter of fact they avoid you like the plague. Continued.....

    Tommy Stutzman "Elite Outfitter" by Berry Gay
    After many guided waterfowl hunts it takes a lot for something or someone to stand out in your mind. The things that seem to always stick are those hard roads, stinky blinds and your hung over guide. So you chalk those up as "lesson learned" and move on down the road. Should it be this way? Not if we have anything to say about it. Let me tell you about what we are calling an "Elite Outfitter". Continued.....

Past Shoot-out Results
    Acrylic Short Reed Goose Call Shoot-Out
    Have you ever wanted to buy an acrylic short reed goose call but were hesitant because you just were not sure if it was the right one. Well here at Colorado Waterfowl we are here to help you out. We went out and got some manufactures together and had our members rate these calls in a shoot-out. We will point you in the right direction so you don't make a costly buying error. Find out which call fits you. Continued.....

    Derlin Short Reed Shoot-Out

    We decided it was time to pit some of these manufactures up against each other in what we are calling a Shoot-Out. In this one we are using different manufactures Derlin short reed goose calls as the study. Insert disclaimer here…. Not every single manufacture that makes a Derlin short reed is represented. We apologize if we missed you favorite. Let your manufacture know we are doing these Shoot-Out's often and this is a 3rd party unbiased view of their products. Any call manufacture that has confidence in their calls has no problem sending them to use to test. Enough ranting, on to the materials. Continued.....

Custom Call Makers

    Custom Calls by Wingtipsdown
    Tony Hartlage is the owner of Wingtipsdown and when it truly comes to a "Custom Call", he wants to be known for his craftsmanship and sounds. He thinks that if you purchase a "Custom Call", then it should be just that. It should be able to help smash birds, it should be different, it should be made in a manual lathe and last it should be a collectable. A true "Custom Call".

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