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Dynamic Decoys

The ColoradoWaterfowl.com staff members are firm believers in the products Dynamic Decoys are bringing to market. The power bases have given us the edge on days where birds are wary and seen fields loaded with "frozen soldiers" decoys. The added movement that the power-bases provided have spelled dooms day for many wary geese. Don't just take our word on this, try out a few sets of the Dynamic Decoy Power-Bases today!

Dynamic Decoys Power-Base's
Click to watch the Power Base's at work Many hunters believe that movement is key ingredient missing from most spreads. Our patent pending Power-BaseTM product is a decoy accessory that greatly improves the effectiveness of existing decoys because it makes them move. Currently, in order to add movement, hunters use flags, various wind driven products, and a few pull cord contraptions. The Power-Base adds significant movement to any decoy spread with no strings attached. The Power-Bases are battery powered and can be remote controlled for operation from the hunter’s blind or pit. Hunters have found the next generation decoy motion product in the Power-Base.

Dynamic Decoys Power-Flapper
Since the beginning days Dynamic Decoy Technologies, serious goose hunters have told us, Click to watch the Power Flapper at work“We need a motorized flapper!” We’re excited to announce that we’ve responded to the request with the Power-Flapper Goose Decoy. The patent pending Power-Flapper Goose Decoy has to be seen in action to believe. The Power-Flapper gives your spread ultra-realistic movement and is sure to coax even the most decoy shy geese to prepare for landing in your decoys.

Be sure to view all of the product offerings at www.dynamicdecoys.com

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Dynamic Decoys Power-Bases
Dynamic Decoys
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Dynamic Decoys

Dynamic Decoys
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