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    Field Test….Protect the value

    Fox WEATHERBOOTS in a Ford Superduty. You can ask anyone that if a vehicle looks new it sells faster than one that looks worn. Sure the outside looks great, but the inside has the "Heel" mark in the carpet. The carpet is matted and looks wore out. Everyone has either seen a vehicle or owned a vehicle that I just described. Sure you can buy some standard floor mats to help, but after a year or two they are trashed and now you are buying new ones again. Well we have found a product to eliminate that and field tested it.

    On a recent trip to Canada I was lucky enough to field test FOX "WEATHERBOOTS" in my 2004 F-350. These were provided to me by the Courtesy Ford part department. I have to admit that I was just a little skeptical when I fist heard about them, but hey I will try anything that will help protect my truck. When I first pulled them out of the box I was impressed and could see that these things will work. These liners got tested to the fullest in Canada as we were just jumping in with out muddy boots, wet waders and such. I will admit that as the trip went on I was really hoping that these things were all they are cracked up to be. Once I returned home I went to the car wash and pulled the "WEATHERBOOTS" out. I put them up against the wall and sprayed them off. They looked brand new once again and I was really impressed. The carpet inside the truck still looked new and I could not imagine what it would have looked like with out the "WEATHERBOOTS".

    Ford Superduty extra cab and the Fox WEATHER BOOTS They are different than your traditional floor mat. Others may claim they protect your carpet but dirt, water, etc., can go over the edge and still get on the interior, or be spilled when removing from the vehicle. Not so with the "WEATHERBOOTS", they take the debris and whatever it is, over the door sill and out. No other product available does this and they have no edges to catch your foot on as you enter and exit the vehicle.

    The material used has a dull black finish with a slight grain effect which hides scratches and provides a soft appearance. All surfaces your feet come into contact with are covered with a waterproof pressure sensitive adhesive backed all-weather carpeting, providing a plush feel while still maintaining ease of cleaning. Anyway you look at it "WEATHERBOOTS" do the best job of protecting your vehicle's carpeting. Velcro provided on the bottom and along the door sill edge help to hold the product in place, no slipping or sliding around the floor.

    This product gets major thumbs up from me and the staff at ColoradoWaterfowl.com.

    For more information on the Fox "WEATHERBOOTS" contact:

    Courtsey Ford
    Chad Albertson

    Be sure to tell Chad you saw them on ColoradoWatrfowl.com for a discount.

...much more to come
The Pup Jake

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