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Colorado Waterfowl
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Varmint Calls
    Kenai Killer
    These calls utilize a new reed material, which is clear! They are presently offered in Volcanic Black or Alaskan Ice....and tuned as a micro howler or distress, your choice......Both these tunings do double service, as the howler has many distress sounds.....and the distress call does a lot of yote vocals. We are very proud of these calls, and we think you will be too!!

    They too are hand assembled/tuned, like all the rest of KO Predator Solution Calls......this, along with sound, and ease of use have become hallmarks of a KO Call.

    Price: $18.00 plus shipping
    Order one today

    Dont forget about our lanyards and totes ad one to your order!

    ColoradoWaterfowl.com is offering the Reese Varmint Lanyard
    Reese Varmint Lanyard
    Price: $23.50 plus shipping
    ColoradoWaterfowl.com is offering the Reese-FoxPro Lanyard
    Reese-FoxPro Lanyard
    Price: $23.50 plus shipping
    ColoradoWaterfowl.com is offering the Reese Coyote Carrier
    Reese "Coyote Carrier"
    Price: $17.00 plus shipping

...much more to come
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