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Wing Tips Down Custom Calls
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Wingtipsdown 2005 Money Shot Calls
    Wingtipsdown Custom CallsTM

    Tony Hartlage is the owner of Wingtipsdown and when it truly comes to a "Custom Call", he wants to be known for his craftsmanship and sounds. He thinks that if you purchase a "Custom Call", then it should be just that. It should be able to help smash birds, it should be different, it should be made in a manual lathe and last it should be a collectable. A true "Custom Call". CNC machined is fine but I really enjoy the Craftsmanship. Tony Says "I'll always produce the sounds so you can truly "talk face to face". Talking to the birds is his number one priority.

    Wingtipsdown has a new entry into the 2005 call market and it is appropriately named "Money Shot". The new "Money Shot" goose calls are a louder call than last years, "Frosted Ice", version that was tested in the Acrylic Call Shoot-out. The call was designed after several request from hunter wanting a call that was louder, not only for hunting but also the calling contests. Be sure to watch for these calls at you local calling competitions.

    Currently Wingtipsdown has three offerings in the acrylic goose calls with two versions of the call, acrylic short call or acrylic long call. Some people ask why there are two versions and it is pretty simple when you hear the calls.

    Frosted Ice Goose Call Money Shot Goose Call Silent But Deadly Goose Call

    Difference between the two versions of goose calls
    "Short Call" - This is the call that Tony made first. Tony sat down and really worked hard to get a call that he felt we needed here in KY. Tony knew that he wanted a quiet call for hunting Geese. We can honestly say that this call is no louder than a real goose. We absolutely love this call. Everyone that used this call did really well this past season. My main drive was to get a call that you could use to talk to them. That's how Tony came up with "Talk face to face". If you hunt local birds, or birds that need that extra convincing to land in your spread then this is the call for you. This call is easy to use and anyone can use it from beginner to the advanced Caller. I can personally tell you that this call works.

    Acrylic Short call - Hunting Locals, Wary Birds, Finishing
    This short sound track, you will need to adjust your volume to the desired level.

    "Long Call" - As Tony started getting into the Call Market he met so many people that wanted the Louder Call. Tony now knows plenty of people that hunt Geese high in the skies. He also came across so many people that wanted a loud Call for Competition. He started working on a call that would be loud enough for Geese high in the skies. Well, as Tony got closer to the sound that he liked, he also hit on a Call combination that would work in Competition as well. This call is for aggressive Calling. My definition of aggressive is by "sound only". This call is very easy to use from beginner to Competition Caller. Now that he has this call he is starting to try some Competition Calling himself. I thought I would never say something like that, but I could use some more time spent behind a call learning different notes myself. May as well get my feet wet, I canít hunt 12 months a year anyway.

    Acrylic Long call - Hunting Migrators, Louder Calling, Competition Calling This short sound track, you will need to adjust your volume to the desired level.

    Article Continued for Custom Duck Calls-------->

...much more to come
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