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    Duck Calls

    All of Wingtipsdown's products are Custom Machined Acrylic Calls. Once made, they are given the Frosted appearance. The keg of the Duck call is a softer material to get the sound Tony was looking for. This is his style and it will not change. All calls have o-ring to hold calls together. He will also have the year on the call along with his logo and a name for the call. This is all laser engraved into the acrylic. A new color will be introduced every year and it will also have different name for the call. I will only produce one color per year.

    Currently WingtipsdownTM has three offerings in the acrylic duck calls with two versions of the call, woods call or Open Water call. Some people ask why there are two versions and it is pretty simple when you hear the calls.

    Frosted Ice Duck Call Money Shot Duck Call Silent But Deadly Duck Call

    Difference between the 2 duck calls
    "Woods Call" - Tony knew that I wanted a really seductive call for hunting ducks. Everyone that used this call did really well this past season. His main drive was to get a call that you could use to talk to them. If you hunt local birds or birds that need that extra convincing to land in your spread then this is the call for you. This call is easy to use and anyone can use it from beginner to the advanced Caller. I can personally tell you that this call works.

    Acrylic Woods call - Seductive and Low Sounds
    This short sound track, you will need to adjust your volume to the desired level.

    "Open Water Call" - As Tony started figuring out what changes what on the duck call, he figured, may as well go ahead and make a louder call also. He started working on a call that would be loud enough for Ducks passing in the distance. Tony knew exactly what he wanted to do with the tone board and reed to get the louder sounds. I can tell you this about his Open Water call, it is one of the easiest Open Water call on the market to master and has nice raspy tones. I personally have hunted with this call for ducks over open fields and filled my limits several days exclusively due to the call. Tony has said someday he will sit down and try to make a Competition Duck Call, but it is not in his plans at this time.

    Acrylic Open Water call - Loud, attention getter at long ranges
    This short sound track, you will need to adjust your volume to the desired level.

    To purchase or obtain more information on these calls or any of Wingtipsdown other fine products go to www.Wingtipsdown.com

...much more to come
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