How Long Does a Landlord Have to Fix Water Damage?

If you rent your home and it experiences water damage, it will likely be the responsibility of your landlord to fix this damage. When you’re dealing with water damage of any kind, you want it corrected fast. How long does a landlord have to fix water damage?  

In general, a landlord is responsible for upkeep and repair of plumbing and pipes within the home. This is because they are a part of the property itself. Roof leaks and storm damage to the structure of the home are usually also the responsibility of the landlord.

If you, the tenant, somehow caused the water damage, then you would be responsible for fixing it and any damage that comes from it.

So, how long does your landlord have to fix the damage? In general, a landlord has within 30 days to fix repairs that are not emergency. If there is water damage that are considered a serious issue, then they usually have three to seven days to repair this. The amount of time your landlord has to fix these types of issues might also be listed in your lease. If you’re in doubt, you should check your lease to see what it says about repairs and responsibilities.

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If your water damage was caused by storm, flooding, or a plumbing leak, you should inform your landlord immediately. This is essential to getting water remediation quickly and properly.

Your landlord is legally responsible for keeping your property in proper condition to live in. If water damage makes it inhabitable, then your landlord will need to get it repaired ASAP. They may also be responsible for putting you up in a hotel or other living arrangements if the damage is so great that you cannot stay in the property while the water damage is being fixed.

When water damage causes uninhabitable circumstances in your rental, it is your landlord’s responsibility to get this fixed as quickly as possible, and also to keep you in habitable housing while the repairs are being made.

If you’re unsure of your rights, or if you landlord is refusing to fix water damage in a timely manner, take some time to look into your tenant rights in the state of Colorado.