How Much Does Apple Charge to Fix Water Damage?

Water damage can be the death of your iPhone, but not always. Before you resign it to an old paperwork or toss it in the garbage, you may want to consider repair options. If you had water damage in your home or business, or were involved in a flood or other water incident, you may have gotten water in your phone. Water-damaged electronics usually do not work and will need repair right away if you hope to salvage any of the data saved to the device.

How much does Apple charge to fix water damage?

If you have AppleCare services, or if your device is still covered by warranty, that may help cover some of the repairs. Usually, water damage is not covered by the warranty. If you had a house flood or storm damage or fire to your home that was covered by property insurance, then your insurance might help you cover the costs of repairing your iPhone.

You can get Apple-certified repairs from the Apple Store, or with an official Apple Authorized Service Provider. Always go with a certified repair service to know that you can trust the work they do to your phone.

How much does it cost?

Well, that will vary, based on which model you have. Here is a chart showing you some basic price points:

iPhone 11Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 11 Pro Max$ 599
iPhone 11 Pro$ 549
iPhone 11$ 399
iPhone XOther damage (out of warranty)
iPhone XS Max$ 599
iPhone XS$ 549
iPhone X$ 549
iPhone XR$ 399
iPhone 8Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 8 Plus$ 399
iPhone 8$ 349
iPhone 7Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 7 Plus$ 349
iPhone 7$ 319
iPhone 6Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 6s Plus$ 329
iPhone 6s$ 299
iPhone 6 Plus$ 329
iPhone 6$ 299
iPhone SE Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone SE (2nd generation)$ 269
iPhone SE$ 269
iPhone 5Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 5s$ 269
iPhone 5c$ 269
iPhone 4Other damage (out of warranty)
iPhone 4$ 199
iPhone 4s$ 149

Not sure if you’re covered? Check if you have AppleCare+ coverage by entering your iPhone serial number. 

How long can it take to get your water damaged iPhone repaired?

We know you need your phone back as quickly as possible. In some cases, Apple can provide same-day service to return your phone. If the technician needs to send it off to a repair center, it will take longer. You need to take your iPhone in to an Apple Store or Authorized Dealer to learn more, since it will vary on a case-by-case basis.