Top Causes of Water Damage

We have many great resources here to help you find water remediation in the Denver area. However, we always recommend you try to prevent water damage in the first place. When you know the top causes of water damage, it can help you to prevent it whenever possible. Let’s explore this and see how you can help protect your property from common causes of water damage.

Here are the top causes of water damage:

Plumbing issues – Plumbing is a common reason for water damage in homes and businesses. You can help prevent leaks and other troubles by inspecting your plumbing systems at least once a year. If there are issues or leaks with pipes, hoses, or pipe joints, you can get these repaired before you have any large problems.

Aging water heaters – Another source of water damage inside homes are water heaters that get old and burst. Water heaters have a shelf life, which is something that a lot of people don’t realize. When you use them past the recommended time, they can start to leak, or even break and spill water all over your house.

Storm damage – Finally, a common cause of water damage is storm flooding. When there is a heavy rainstorm or hurricane, there can be flooding in the area. Even a large snowstorm can lead to flooding, after the snow melts. Making sure your roof is in order and your foundation is free of cracks and leaks are just some ways to make sure you don’t suffer water damage from storms.

Now that you know the to causes of water damage, you can work to prevent water damage in your home and space. If water damage happens anyway, you can use the resources on our site to find a qualified professional to help you right away. Do not delay with water is involved.