What to Expect from the Water Restoration Process

If you have water damage, you want it cleaned up quickly. Time is an important factor when it comes to water cleanup and water restoration. Experienced professionals know how to handle this process efficiently and properly for you.

Here are the common steps to the water restoration process that you may experience if you hire a Denver water restoration or repair company:

  1. Inspection – Usually an inspection will take place first, in order to assess the damage, what type it is, and how much there is. Professionals even have special tools that allow them to measure the dampness of a home or space.
  2. Stopping further damage – Next, you must make sure there is no more water coming in or risk of further damage before doing water restoration. You don’t want the areas just fixed to get wet again.
  3. Removing standing water – If there is standing water in the home, such as from a flood or leak, this will need to be removed. Professional equipment can pump or suck the water out to make the process go quicker.
  4. Dry and dehumidify – Next, the entire area must be fully dried, and a dehumidifier can get all the moisture out of the air and other surfaces. This is often called structural drying and is a very important part of the process.
  5. Monitoring – During the process of water restoration, monitoring by the professionals will occur regularly. This is to ensure the process is going smoothly, containment is in place, and everything is drying out as it should.
  6. Completion – Once the space is completely dried, water damage is considered complete. However, sometimes there are other restoration steps, such as removing damaged parts and replacing with new. This is especially true with flooring that had standing water on it for a long time.

Once all of these steps are complete, there is another inspection to ensure all needed repairs were done and that everything is restored back to its previous state. If you’re looking for water damage restoration in Denver, search our site for recommendations of professionals to help you today.